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Equine Assisted Cognitive Therapy: Services

Equine Assisted Cognitive Therapy

Healing Hearts and Minds Through Horses 

ABC show Behind the News filmed with to showcase benefits of Equine Assisted therapies. 

Does sitting in a room and talking to someone sound overwhelming? Then Equine Assisted Cognitive Therapy is for you. Facilitated by registered and trained Mental Health professionals and highly experienced Equine professionals. 

Equine therapy is known to lower cortisol (a stress hormone) in people.

EACT is backed by significant amount of research; which show the positive outcomes of our work, especially with Post Traumatic Stress and autism spectrum. See the link below where you can access research articles. South Australian based research is currently under way through Roseworthy Adelaide University Campus. 

Equine Assisted Cognitive Therapy is great for improving confidence levels, reducing anxiety, working through trauma, improving relationships, emotion regulation and more. All our work is done on the ground, meaning we do not do any horse riding. We do this as we want the horse to be as natural as possible so they can do their magic. Horses are prey animals, they can sense intention and subtle changes in their environment. They provide us with feedback, the feedback can at times be difficult to work through. This is where great change can happen. 

We work through a client centred and trauma-informed approach; we strive to help people regain control of their lives. We believe that every person has the power to change their lives. They just need a helping hand, or in this case a helping hoof. 

Here you can access a variety of Equine Assisted Cognitive therapy:

  • Individual sessions for children and adults

  • Pair sessions

  • Family

  • Couples

  • Social Groups

  • Corporate/ Team building events 

We are Medicare and NDIS certified.

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