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What people say

I highly recommend Painted Pony Psychotherapy. Both my children aged 9 and 7 have been receiving Equine and Office therapy by Zel for their trauma after their older sister was killed in a motor vehicle accident and their ASD therapy, for approximately 12 months. They have been learning to understand and control their emotions and meltdowns, although still happening, are fewer and further apart and there has been a genuine improvement in managing their emotions.                                                    

Kaye, Parent 

I would like to thank Susan and yourself so much for all the time you put into Amy.

We really do appreciate it and she certainly has come along way since the first time that we took her up to Painted Pony Psychotherapy. She has slowly gained her confidence and trust in society. It has been awesome to see her grow. The change in Amy in the last six weeks has been huge. Amy is certainly still getting a lot out of her therapy sessions. She really looks forward to them.



Margaret, Parent to 27yr old

I recently engaged my 10 year old daughter in this program in response to a particular family trauma - what eventuated was amazing -my daughter has always experienced anxiety of varying levels and was reluctant to even play a team sport for fear of judgement, uncertainty and a lack of confidence. Since being engaged in equine therapy she has thrived, her confidence has grown and she seems to have a greater understanding of her own ability to try new things and less fear of failure. Her anxiety has eased so much she has even began playing hockey. I cannot recommend the team highly enough. ​                                                

Sarah, Parent 

The kids are really enjoying the sessions. They all said that they feel very calm after working with the horses for an hour. They are very excited to tell family and friends about the horse that they work with, which is just so lovely to see.

Beck, Parent to 14, 11, 10 and 5yrs old

My sons teachers are noticing that he is becoming more confident and is even speaking up in front of the class.           

Allison, Parent 

Thank you for taking your time and effort to help me be a good person. 


Participant 10yo 

Our daughter is 13 years old and diagnosed with ASD.  She has always had an affinity with animals and especially horses.  As she has grown she has struggled with relationships and socialising.  This is when we explored Equine Psychotherapy at Painted Pony.  We have been so fortunate to have Zel as part of our daughter’s team of professionals as she navigates the complexities of ASD.  What we notice the most is how calm and relaxed she is after a session. She has responded so well to therapy being provided in a supportive manner especially in an environment with horses in close proximity.  As a result of Painted Pony Psychotherapy our daughter has been able identify and use the skills she has gained to make better decisions for herself and have a more positive outlook on her future. We have been able utilise our NDIS funding for therapy with reports received from Painted Pony in a very timely manner  

I'm not fast at putting things into words. Working with the horses is more about observing and then reflecting. I can take a week or even more to process my thoughts and turn them into words. I can apply those thoughts to the rest of my life. The concepts that I observe/feel still affect and improve my life and working though problems. 


No more bad dreams, calmer around horses and more confident. So thank you so much. Keep up the great work you are doing. 

Jasmine, 28

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